June 27, 2013

I'm not dead yet

Wow, it’s been so long that I feel like a stranger here on my own blog. I let myself get interrupted by a new job, singing in 2 operas in a row, singing in a choir concert at the same time as the operas, then singing in another opera... and did I mention that the job involves attending rehearsals and performances for an entirely different musical group?  I haven’t even been home to eat dinner in 3 months, much less ramble about some weird travel stories.  But I rather miss those ramblings, so back to it, yo.

I haven’t done much traveling since entering the world of the employed again, unless you count commuting between DC and Virginia. And given the traffic in this area, the only way to talk about that is to use a string of 4-letter words.

But I can’t sit still for terribly long.  There was a pretty much perfect camping trip back in May, a quick 30 hr trip for a bachelorette party, and this weekend I’ll embark on something that I haven’t done in many years - take off on the Great American Road Trip.

Now parts of the GART (this rhymes with “fart”, which makes me happy) will involve mundane activities such as checking on boring stuff in my hometown, but there will be some awesomesauce thrown on top of that - visiting family, attending two rockin’ weddings, a little bit of beach, and (wait for it... wait for it...) - Disney World!

I haven’t properly done Disney World since 1990.  People have been born, gone to school, reached legal drinking age, and launched careers in that time.  This is clearly overdue. Also, I never got to ride Space Mountain in 1990.  This is a serious problem that must be fixed.

So there you have it.  I’m not dead (yet) - I’m still alive and kicking and running around. In fact, I think I’ll go for a walk.  I mean, a drive.

And don’t worry, reports on the GART will be forthcoming. Glad to be back, kids.

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  1. You were sorely missed by the Utah-based following contingent.