November 7, 2012

My favorite travel things: Footzyfolds

I’m mildly obsessed with packing lightly when I go on a trip.  But being a girl and all, I still like to feel somewhat like a girl when I run around another country with a backpack.  Packing a little bit of jewelry and makeup can go a long way, but quite frankly, if all I have to wear on my feet are clunky (yet comfortable, and probably waterproof) shoes, I’m still going to feel kind of dowdy.  And given the fact that my feet are freakin’ huge to start with, I’ll actually feel more like Ronald McDonald. Yeah. “Hey, that’s a sexy clown!” said no one, ever.

But about a year ago I stumbled across something interesting online:  Footzyfolds.  They make super-thin shoes in a myriad of colors and patterns that fold into each other and fit neatly into a tiny tote bag. 

Brilliant!  And perfect for traveling (or just commuting around the city).  They come in sizes S - XL, and, well, the price isn’t half bad.  Miss Bigfoot here ordered a gray leopard print pair in XL.


They came in the mail in a ridiculously small box.  I couldn’t believe a pair of shoes that fit MY feet were actually crammed in there.  Only, after putting them on... they were actually a bit too small.  Bollocks!  

I came up with an easy solution to that, though.  The shoes have a bit of elastic on the sides to ensure a bit of stretchability and fit.  I took a pair of scissors and cut right through that elastic. Perfect.  After years of study and experience in engineering, I can make a pair of shoes fit using nothing but scissors.  I’m like MacGyver, but with boobs. 

I threw my newly-engineered Footzyfolds in my backpack at the last minute before leaving for Chile a few weeks ago.  I ended up wearing them all over Santiago and wine country.  I may have been wearing hiking pants and a fleece, but my feet looked fabulous, dadgum it.  Those suckers are going with me on every trip from now on - they’re fantastic.  Ladies, get your Footzyfolds

Oh, and one more note...

Dear Footzyfolds:  could you make your shoes in XXL?  That would rock my world - thanks.  Love, Carla.

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  1. Replies
    1. A friend told me that the Footzyrolls (same company) makes XXL! And that means we have shoe shopping to do...

  2. "MacGyver, but with boobs"
    Now that's a show I could watch. Time for an updated re-boot, I think.

    1. MacBoober? Hmmm sounds too much like MacGruber...