October 11, 2012

How to make a traffic jam fun

While in Chilean wine country, Rachel, Jason, Janie, and I came up with a foolproof way to make your next traffic jam awesome.  Take notes, people.  You'll definitely want to remember this next time you're stuck going 5 mph during rush hour and start cursing the minivan in front of you with a stick figure family on it's back windshield.

Step 1:  Ensure driver of the vehicle has consumed much liquid.

Step 2:  Remind driver of this consumption when traffic comes to a stop so that he/she realizes a toilet is needed, yet none is available.

Step 3:  Convince driver that a real toilet is not necessary, and the side of the road will work just fine.

Note the absence of a driver
Step 4:  Laugh hysterically when traffic starts moving, but your driver is still watering the plants on the side of the highway.

Step 5:  Buy strawberries (or other food product of choice) from someone trolling the side of the road.

Step 6: Laugh harder when traffic starts driving around your still stopped vehicle.

Step 7:  Eat strawberries between fits of laughter.

Step 8:  Laugh harder still when driver returns to vehicle.  Make fun of the driver as long as desired.


  1. Poor Nathan forgot to bring an extra bladder in his luggage.

    1. But that's not nearly as much fun!