October 9, 2012

Child molester, Buddy Jesus, or running for public office in Chile?

While Rachel and I bummed our way around the archipelago of Chiloe in southern Chile, we came up with what is now my new favorite game:

Child Molester, Buddy Jesus, or Running for Public Office in Chile?

Let's play, shall we?  Cue the theme music.  Write down your answers and compare them to the correct ones below.

Contestant #1

Contestant #2

Contestants #3 and #4

Contestant #5

Contestant #6

Contestant #7

Contestant #8

Contestant #1:  Child molester.  Also looks like a tragic Charlie Chaplain.
Contestant #2:  Buddy Jesus.  Please tell me you got that one right.
Contestant #3:  Both Buddy Jesus and a child molester
Contestant #4:  Buddy Jesus
Contestant #5:  Child molester and kind of smug about it
Contestant #6:  Wannabe Buddy Jesus.  He is trying so hard that it hurts my eyes.  
Contestant #7:  Child molester and doesn't realize everyone knows it.
Contestant #8:  Buddy Jesus. And I think he is molesting the man next to him in the picture.


  1. Notice the sign on the right in picture 8 "Frederico Kruger" = "Freddy Kruger"

    1. Good eyes! So we've got crazed killers, too. Even better...

  2. Try this quiz: Hobo or Professor? http://individual.utoronto.ca/somody/quiz.html

    PS. This proof that I'm not a robot is REALLY HARD! I've tried a dozen times and failed already. #WTF

    1. Ha! That's awesome. And my score was abysmal. And I agree - those stupid text boxes are awful! I can't ever read them. Wish I didn't have to use that stuff...

  3. Replies
    1. Hahaha! Dogma is an awesome movie, and one of the very few I've seen :)