August 19, 2011

Cows rule

The streets here in India are pure insanity.  They are full of cars, large trucks, auto rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws, garden-variety bicycles, scooters, pedestrians, and my personal favorite - livestock.  And by livestock, I mean cows.  Sure, I've seen the occasional goat, donkey, and monkey crossing the road or standing on the side (and eating trash), but it's the cows that truly take the cake.  There are cows grazing in the median, leisurely crossing the road, and my personal favorite - sitting all relaxed in the middle of the road like it's a Starbucks with soothing jazz music.

Chillin' like a bovine villain
This isn't an occasional occurrence, nor do they merely do this when traffic is light.  Major roads with gridlock traffic don't deter them from taking a break.  The cows have the right-of-way, and they will sit down in the middle of your lane for afternoon tea and median-grazing whenever they dadgum please.  The fact that you and 1,000 of your best friends are passing within inches of them and honking horns like the world is coming to an end doesn't bother them in the least. 

Dude, what's the big rush?
I can get tired of the throngs of people, the horrible traffic, the god-awful roads, the hawkers, and the humidity here in India, but the cows simply do not cease to crack me up.  I know this sounds udderly (HAHA) ridiculous, but this is one of my favorite things about this country!

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  1. 1: Knock knock.
    2: Who's there?
    1: Interrupting cow.
    2: Interrupting...
    1: MOO!