May 1, 2014

Highlights of the American Odyssey Relay Race

Now that I've learned and shared with you what I'll do differently for my next relay race, I thought I'd relive some of my favorite parts of racing for 30.25 hours straight - and some photographic evidence.

  • Eating anything I wanted because I'm RUNNING.
  • Having the best excuse ever to use my mustache flask.
  • Drawing mustaches and other things that shall not be named on our van (too bad the rain washed it all off just 30 minutes later).
  • Enjoying the gorgeous rural countryside - fields, cows, and civil war battlefields.  Not too shabby, although sometimes the smells weren't fabulous.
  • Running at 3:30 am in pitch darkness (except for the safety lights of a couple of runners ahead of me and the occasional car headlights) from Maryland into West Virginia.  The stars were absolutely brilliant. So were my bunny ears.
  • Beer after the 3:30 am run.
  • Seeing a waning crescent moon appear just before sunrise over an open field while everyone else slept (except our wonderful driver, Liz). 
  • A cup of piping hot black coffee at 8am after a 2-hour snooze inside the van.  And Thin Mints for breakfast.
  • Hanging out at transitions along the gorgeous C&O Canal.
  • Running along the C&O Canal just outside of DC while wearing bunny ears (yes, still) and getting bewildered looks from other runners and bikers.
  • Seeing the rest of the awesome Stash Mob team at the finish line and crossing it together.  
Our way-too-with-it team captains have already registered the team for next year's race.  This gives me plenty of time to plan for fabulous costumes and headgear for next time. I can't wait.

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