April 23, 2014

Re-evaluating the standard packing checklist

Packing for a trip tends to be a pretty standard exercise.  If it wasn't, there wouldn't be standardized packing lists all over the world wide web.  There's this checklist from TravelSmith, this customizable Universal Packing List, and even this camping-specific packing template from freakin' Microsoft Office of all places.

You know something has become truly standardized when Microsoft gives you a template for it.

I started packing last night for this weekend relay race trip.  We'll spend tomorrow night in Gettysburg, PA before starting our run the next morning, and Friday night will be spent in a van, in random rural parking lots, or just plain running.  This is nor ordinary trip, and neither is the packing list I had to put together (thanks a lot, Bill Gates).  Here are some of the items that made my list that may not make most standard packing checklists:

  • Bunny ears.  Because why not.
  • Body Glide.  Because chafing is bad.
  • 3 sports bras.  Because I sweat like a pig in heat.
  • Cards Against Humanity.  Because - seriously, have you played this game?  It's the best.
  • Homemade protein bars.  Because yum.
  • Embrace Sleep Collar.  Because I hope to sleep for at least a few minutes.
  • Temporary mustache tattoos.  Because this should really be on a standardized packing list.
  • Trucker hat.  Because I'm from Alabama.
  • Fuzzy pink Viking helmet.  Because it's a fuzzy pink Viking helmet. 

I have all this stuff jotted down (or already out on my kitchen table), but watch me forget something basic like toothpaste.  Maybe I shouldn't write off Microsoft so quickly.

So when you start to pack for your next basic trip, the internet can help you make sure you don't forget anything.  But if you're going on a trip that requires dirty games and wearing pink stuff on your head, then I have a list for you.  Don't worry, - either way, you're covered.


  1. SOCKS! PEEPS! Your No Pants Party Panties!

    1. PEEPS! I need to go to CVS and raid their Easter sale section. And their No Pants Party Panties section.