March 5, 2014

My interview with Amateur Traveler

I had the great fortune of being interviewed about my hometown of Mobile, Alabama with Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler for his podcast series last month, and the podcast has just been released!  You can listen to it here:

Amateur Traveler Episode 409 - Travel to Mobile, Alabama

Amateur Traveler is one of the most popular travel podcasts there is, and Chris has won quite a few awards over the years for doing his thing.  For any place you want to go, Chris has probably interviewed someone about it.  Mongolia?  Covered.  Papua New Guinea?  Done.  South Dakota?  Yep.

I first found out about Amateur Traveler from my good friend Jason at Hull Financial Planning.  He and his wife snagged the 3 of us an interview with Chris about our trip to Namibia a few years back.  It somehow worked with all 4 of us connected via Skype from different locations.  I was downright impressed, and I've been a fan of Amateur Traveler ever since.

So if you care to know more about Mobile, or if you just want to make fun of how I sound during an interview, here's your chance.  Learn/mock away!

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