February 26, 2014

Plane boarding decoded

I came across this article by Wise Bread the other day on how airlines decide how the masses should board their planes, and it answered questions I'd always had about airline's varying boarding logic but never really thought of enough to research, myself.  Thanks, Wise Bread!

Back in the day, I had Silver status on both Delta and US Air.  It was wonderful.  I got priority boarding, better attention from customer service, and my name was automatically added to the first class wait list for each flight (and I got upgraded quite a few times).  But I lost my treasured priority status a few years ago, and I have greatly missed it.  So now I play the boarding game with the rest of humanity.  Will I be in the last zone to be called?  How many boarding zones does this airline even have?  I will totally cut off that old lady with a cane to get to the front of the line when my zone is called.  Move it or lose it, lady. Will there be enough space for my carry-on bag?  If they make me check my bag, I swear I will throw a tantrum to rival that of any toddler...

So from now on, instead of making offerings of stale pretzels and mini bottles to the airline gods, I'll just check this article to see what seat I should book on my chosen airline to ensure that I don't get stuck boarding last and possibly fighting with overhead bin space and overzealous flight attendants that want to rip my carry-on from my hand and shove it in the cargo hold.  

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