May 17, 2012

Window or aisle?

I spend a decent bit of time on airplanes.  And I always choose the window seat if I'm allowed any say in the matter.  I would explain why, but I don't have to - this post from The Expeditioner demonstrates it beautifully. 

Given the choice between fighting with the drink cart for elbow space (no one ever wins that battle) and staring out the window like an excited child on a plane for the first time, I'll totally choose immaturity and shove my nose against the window without a lick of embarrassment. 

Take that, peanuts and weak coffee.


  1. I am so with you on that one! I never get tired of window seats :-) Tilman

  2. Plus, for tall people like me, it also means I have the bulkhead to rest my head against when flying long distances. Most seats aren't tall enough to provide any support, and I wind up with a seriously injured neck otherwise.

  3. Ah yes, tall people have all sorts of fun things to deal with when it comes to flying. I'm rather tall, myself, and have used the bulkhead as a pillow many times. Well, I've tried to, at least. I find that a sleep collar helps me a lot. It's much more comfortable than those travel pillows that don't do anything.