April 5, 2012

Austin, Part 1: Meatgasm and Airstream trailers

Oops, I fell off the radar for a bit.  Sorry about that.  But I never did claim to be consistent, did I?

This past weekend, three awesome things happened:
  1. I got to see 2 great friends that I don't get to see enough
  2. I got to see said friends in Austin, TX, a place I've always wanted to check out
  3. I ran my first half marathon and didn't die.
I have to admit, Texas is not my favorite state in the nation (apologies to anyone who lives in or is from Texas).  But Austin had long captured my attention as the potential exception to the rest of the state, and all its glorious weirdness did not disappoint.  Here are some of the reasons I'm now a big fan of this weird little city:

1.  Men running in kilts.
We spotted a man running through downtown in a kilt.  No, he was not hashing.  We decided to follow him in our incognito Nissan rental car because clearly, this man had somewhere interesting to be.  He stopped 2 blocks later at an ATM.  Well, never mind.  But I still give a big thumbs-up to random men running around in kilts.

2.  An ice cream shop employee sporting a blue-dyed handlebar mustache and wearing 2 sombreros.  
No further description needed here.

3.  Happy bacon.

Actually, I don't quite understand this, but it's happy bacon.  I dare you to find something wrong with this.

4.  The ability to shop for $900 shoes in an Airstream trailer.
"We carry size 11 shoes."  That statement was crack for my ears.  No one ever carries shoes in my size.  But the woman had me inside her Airstream shop in 2 seconds with that statement.  The shoes were beautiful - gorgeous colors, soft leather, and unique designs.  I picked one up to admire it up close.  And then the price tag caught my eye - yep, $900.  She'd invested more in the shoes than the trailer.

5.  Food trucks - they're everywhere.
And they have fabulous names.

I also found cupcakes being sold out of an Airstream trailer.  They were not $900.

6.  One word:  MEATGASM.

Going to The Salt Lick just outside Austin is where BBQ-philes go to pay homage to the culinary art.  I'm no BBQ expert, but I do love to gorge on wonderful, fabulous meat.

7.  Getting picked up by a 73-year old man in a honky tonk bar.
I'm saving this nugget for the next post - stay tuned.


  1. I love Austin. Was only there for 2 days last time I went, and one was spent doing a 1/2 Ironman. So I'd like to go back. Also, the only word that came to mind when I saw that plate of meat was "giggidy".

  2. We had 3 days, but I would love more time there. And part of our time was taken up by the race, too. Need more meat, more music, and more weirdness!