August 9, 2011

Going, going, (almost) gone!

Tomorrow is the day!  Have I packed yet?  Nope.  In fact, I haven't put a single thing into the backpack.  So what if I need to leave the house in about 12 hours?  Bah, details.  Besides, who wants to pack when a good friend comes to the door with a farewell batch of maple bacon chocolate chip cookies?  That's right - maple bacon chocolate chip cookies.  I can see the utter envy on your face.  And yes, they are exactly as fabulous as they sound!  Pork products should be included in baked goods more often.

.Remember that packing list I posted yesterday?  Add cookies to that list.  Now that I have them, they are an absolute necessity.

Ok, enough drooling over the cookies.  I have packing to do.  Next stop:  India!

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