August 15, 2014

The next big trip will be to...

... Croatia!

Oh, you didn't know I was planning to take a trip?  Well, that makes two of us.

I've known for a few weeks that I'd have much of September to do pretty much whatever floats my boat thanks to having some time between jobs.  But due to many other factors, I didn't know if going anywhere during that time would be possible or even a good idea.  Maybe it's not a good idea, but I just said what the hell and booked it anyway.  It's on somewhat of a whim I suppose, but in a lot of ways it's really not.  I'm saving that for the next blog post, though.

So what exactly will I be doing?  Kayaking in the Adriatic Sea for a week, that's what. There will also be a little hiking and biking involved, and I'm going to entirely miss the crush of the main tourist season while still enjoying some rockin' weather.  It's been nearly two years since my last international trip, and I've been jonesing to get off the grid and go somewhere completely and utterly different - as in can't read the street signs (if they have street signs) different.

I am just a tad excited about all of this.

How did I decide on Croatia?  Well, for starters, I've never been.  But that wasn't a huge factor, because I pretty much want to go everywhere that I haven't been to yet.  I decided I wanted to do something, not just fly to a big city and mill around.  So I limited my search to a website that I knew would offer exactly the kind of trips I was looking for. - The Clymb.  Then I asked the following questions:

  1. Does this trip sound cool?
  2. Have I been to said destination before?
  3. Does this trip fit my desired time frame?
  4. Can I get there and back using frequent flyer miles?
Boom.  The Croatia trip I found met all my criteria.  Done.  Pass the sunscreen.  It's time to lather up and get pumped.


  1. My husband's family originates from Croatia. Keep your ears tuned for a last name that resembles Kokot. Safe travels, Cous!

  2. Awesome! So excited for your adventure!