May 20, 2014

Announcing the contest winners!

Thank you to everyone that entered the caption contest to win an Embrace Sleep Collar! You people are pretty dadgum funny.  I've had myself a good ol' time reading all the entries that you submitted and a tough time picking a winner and a runner-up. And for once, I'm not going to ramble - I'll get straight to the point:

The winner and recipient of an Embrace Sleep Collar and a Good Night Eye Shade is Veronika from Washington, D.C.  Congratulations!

Maybe I should have taken the Voudon Priestess seriously when she said "Your ass is grass"

And the runner-up is Pierce from San Francisco. Congratulations to you, too!

That's the last time I take THAT shortcut...

I'd also like to give a shout-out of thanks to Designs in Progress that make both the Embrace Sleep Collar and the Good Night Eye Shade.  Congratulations again to the winners, and thank you to everyone that sent in captions.  I have been thoroughly entertained.

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