March 12, 2014

My new addiction

It started off as such an innocent and thoughtful suggestion.  Chris discovered the BBC's Travel Geoguessr game, which shows you 5 different locations via Google Earth and prompts you to guess where in the world you are by using your mouse to move around and zoom in and out.  The closer you guess, the higher you score.  He thought I would like it.

He was wrong.

I am head over heels, balls to the wall obsessed with this thing now.  This is my Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Farmville all rolled into one.  It's even worse than when I got Tetris on my computer as a kid and played it so much that I had dreams about playing the game.

The BBC only put this thing out on the world wide web 3 months ago.  Do they have a 12-step program to help people ween themselves off of it yet?

Let me know how you like it.  My highest score so far is 12,506.  I have no idea if this is a good score or not, but I'll be happy to take on some competition.  Like I need a reason to play this thing any more furiously.

Happy guessing, and good luck not getting completely sucked in.


  1. We enjoy the Free Rice game, which also supposedly helps the U.N. donate food.

    1. Wow, you found a game with an actual purpose! Now I can play a game and not feel like it's a complete waste of time. I wonder if any of it goes to North Korea...