January 16, 2014

Yes, I'm pouting over chocolate.

England is not exactly known for being a culinary hot spot.  Especially with France being just a quick Chunnel ride (or a sea sickness-inducing boat ride) away.  Bangers and mash or crepes and champagne?  Boy, that's a tough choice.

But England actually does have something going for it:  chocolate.  That's right, chocolate.

And I'm not the only one that sees this.  Buzzfeed's article on British chocolates today reminded me of the glory of the deliciousness from across the pond.  I also imagine that my friend Betsy will back me up on this, too.

* * *

When I studied abroad in Scotland, I spent the first 10 days traveling and acquainting myself with the country, the weather, and the thick accents that didn't sound a dadgum thing like the English language.  But the food I was eating was nothing to write home about.  I lost 5 pounds.

Then I moved into my dorm at the University of Glasgow and quickly made a very important discovery.

Cadbury chocolate is to DIE for.  Shoot, all British chocolates are amazing.  But those cream eggs you get at Easter?  Those are only the tip of the delicious chocolate candy iceberg that is hiding beneath the watery surface of haggis, blood pudding, and mincemeat.  Even brands you can find in the US, like Nestle, taste so much better in the UK.  Those 5 pounds reappeared pretty quickly

I found Cadbury's milk chocolate bars with hazelnuts particularly swoon-worthy.  Hazelnuts by themselves just don't do anything for me.  But drown them in Cadbury's sinful cocoa and sugar-laden perfection, and I will kill anyone you want for a bar of that stuff.

Just before I left to come back to the US, I went to the grocery store to stock up on all the goodies that I knew I would miss and couldn't get at home.  Those hazelnut chocolate bars were at the top of the list.  As I made my way down the candy aisle to get 15 or 20 of them, I noticed a man with a bar of my beloved chocolate.  He put it in his cart and wheeled away just as I arrived to get my own.

He picked up the very last one.

I stared at the shelf with my mouth hanging open, trying not to cry.  He took my candy bar.  HE TOOK MY CANDY BAR.

I had to go home without my Cadbury hazelnut bars.  It's been 12 years since I last had one.  I've looked in specialty stores and at World Market and such, but I have yet to see that particular Cadbury bar here in the states.  I know I can find plenty of other British chocolate deliciousness if I need a fix, but I'm going to continue pouting about my first world problem of not being able to find that particular bar.

Maybe I should just fly back and get myself some.  Hmmm...

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