December 20, 2011

That's how I sparkle.

I flew unscathed back to Alabama today, save for the very large man dressed in camo from the waist up that I had the (mis)fortune of cramming next to on the second leg of my flight.  I probably seemed equally odd wearing a scarf decorated with unidentifiable Asian characters and reading the Economist.

Upon arriving at the house and starting to sort through a few things, I came across this at the bottom of a stack of papers - probably left over from a completely useless etiquette class that I had to take back in high school (that class is another story in itself):

This snowflake had a belching contest with a coworker the other night.  How's that for some sparkle?


  1. I'll take the "I can belch louder than you" snowflake over the dancing snowflake anytime!

  2. You have to throw your shoulders back to have a good belch.

  3. I can throw my shoulders back, but I'm not so sure about the dancing. Good thing we're all on the same page! *buuuuurp*

  4. What a beautiful metaphor - snowflake v. puddle. Really, truly poetic.