October 24, 2011

Beauties in the Beast

Let's face it - much of India is not a "pretty" country.  India is loaded to the gills with natural beauty, but as soon as humans interfere, it all goes to pot.  Run-down buildings, shacks, trash everywhere, and livestock eating said trash, are the norm.  In India, if it's man-made, it's probably on the crappy side.  There was one thing that stood out, though (besides the Taj Mahal):  women's clothing.

First of all, most women in India still wear traditional clothing.  It was beautifully refreshing to be in a country whose traditional garments have not gone the way of the lederhosen.  Nearly every Indian woman I saw wore a sari (or saree, as it's spelled in over there) or a shalwar kameez.  Have you ever seen lederhosen outside of a festival or a cheesy German restaurant?  That's what I thought.

Second of all, the clothes are gorgeous.  The bold, bright colors and the intricate embroidery and designs made quite the contrast against the drab, run-down cities and towns.  I saw plenty of women working in fields and gardens, walking down muddy streets, and sitting on piles of trash.  They all looked stunning.

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