September 13, 2011

Things transported by motorbike in Asia

Oh, hello there, Jet Lag, how are y... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

I finally returned stateside yesterday, and I woke up in the middle of the night with no earthly idea where I was or what country I was in.  I've been marginally more conscious today, but not by much.  And while I sure was happy to sleep on a western mattress, I'm rather sad that this latest misadventure is over.  So in order to spread a few giggles and not tax my groggy brain too much, I've compiled a list of things I saw transported by motorbike during the trip.  I'll post something more thought-provoking when my body and the Eastern time zone start getting along and playing nice with each other!

Things transported by scooter in Asia
1.  Caged chickens
2.  7-foot long sections of metal pipe
3.  7-foot long panes of glass
4.  7 cases of water
5.  3 bushels of pomelos
6.  Approximately 40 laundry bin-sized woven baskets
7.  Family of 5


8.  12 plastic chairs
9.  One ripped-out bus seat
10.  Buddhist monks
11.  One medium-sized refrigerator
12.  22 live geese

A man on a scooter was on a ferry with us in the Mekong Delta.  When we reached our destination, he hooked one basket to each side of his bike and drove off.

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