September 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite (Vietnamese) things

Dan and I made it to Cambodia today.  We celebrated not killing each other or ourselves by enjoying a lovely, ice cold Angkor beer at lunch!  There are a lot of fantastic things from Vietnam that warrant their own write-ups, but they will have to wait a bit.  Frankly, it'll be easier to do so when I have access to a computer that doesn't try to auto-correct my typing to, say, Vietnamese or Cambodian.  So when I return to the states next week (BOO), I will go back and fill in the blanks.  But until then, here are a few of my favorite things from Vietnam:

1.  Watching our homestay host in Sapa go to town on a bong while his 2-yr old son sat in his lap.

2.  Eating pho on the street on a plastic stool that was clearly meant for the 2-year old in #1 above.

3.  Realizing that Dan and I were the only people in the country not wearing face masks. 

4.  Buying a conical hat, then 48 hrs later actually putting it to use in the rain.

5.  Dan wearing a conical hat with a big yellow ribbon.

6.  Finding beer for 20 cents a glass in Hoi An.

7.  Having said beer in Hoi An served to us by a 3-year old.

8.  The one phrase that everyone in Vietnam knows:  "Hello, you buy!"

9.  Laughing at sunglasses vendors trying to sell me sunglasses despite the fact that I was wearing... sunglasses.

10.  Attending Champocalypse:  the all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink-Veuve-Clicquot brunch at the Intercontinental Saigon (my stomach is still in recovery from that).

11.  Dan getting attacked by a chicken.


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  1. It sounds as tho you and Dan are having a blast. Hopefully I will here first hand as to your experiences, sooner vs. later (offer still open for the Ridgewalk/Run!).
    Take care and stay safe ~
    Love ya!