September 20, 2011

Engrish 101

I'm sure most of you are aware of the website  If you aren't, by all means, crawl out from under your rock and open your eyes to the grammatical light of day (or lack thereof)!  It's full of fantastic, hysterical, and downright scary abominations of English translations, most of them from Asia.  Being the offspring of English teachers, it is my duty to love this site.  And I do.  So during my sweaty sojourn across Asia, I was constantly on the lookout for my own Engrish finds.  The continent did not disappoint.


I was in ignorant, heavenly bliss enjoying this wonderful mango smoothie on the streets of Chiang Mai when I happened to take a close look at the cup.  Despite the cartoonish appearance and the flowery scene, I don't think this smoothie is appropriate for children.  And I have to wonder... is big head both savory and sweet?  Wait - please don't answer that.

This one is my personal favorite, because this sign was posted in front of a Buddhist temple.  I guess you never know when Hugh Hefner or Kid Rock will come for a visit.


This is a restaurant menu in Hanoi.  Part of me wanted to order "nut + cigarette" just to see what came out.  Yes, I just said that.

Well.  Thanks for clarifying that.

This is the washing machine in Courtney's apartment in Saigon.  I'm not sure if this is the brand name or if the machine simply consumed too many beers.

Everything printed on this bag is all kinds of wrong, yet all kinds of hilarious.  This is what Courtney feeds her dog. I just... geez, I can't even comment on this one.  These grammatical crimes against both humanity and canine-kind will have to speak for themselves. 


What's the secret ingredient in this restaurant's bloody mary?  Ingredients.  Again, thanks for clarifying that.

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