August 26, 2011

Good morning Vietnam!

Ahh, new morning, new country!  Almost.  Dan and I arrived in Hanoi super late on the night of the 25th (or really, the morning of the 26th).  We spend yesterday navigating the maze of the old city of Hanoi, which reminded me a bit of India, except I didn't see any cows and no one tried to take my picture.  Women did keep trying to make me hold baskets of fruit, though...  not sure what the appeal of that is supposed to be.

After a day of walking around and enjoying a beer or 2 on a rooftop deck, Dan and I hopped a night train up to Sapa where we will spend the next 2 days trekking in the mountains and staying overnight with a hill tribe family.  If this morning's sunrise drive from the train station to our starting point is any indication, this is going to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend!  There are mist-topped mountain peaks all around, rice paddies going up and down the slopes, and smiling hill tribe women already hoping to sell us their wares.  Good news, none of them (thus far) have tried to sell me a whip like the hawkers did in Agra.  That's a relief. 

And on a side note, Dan got a great night's sleep on the train, while I listened to a mysterious banging sound from a trail troll or something of the like all night long.  Dan has been instructed to carry my weekend supply of coffee as revenge :). 

So here's to hoping we don't walk off the side of a mountain or plow face-first into a rice paddy.  More in a few days!

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