August 22, 2011

Final thoughts on India

  1. For those of you that are worried that India is going to take over the world, our jobs, life as we know it, etc., stop worrying.  In general, Indians have absolutely no ability to think outside of the box.  If you’ve ever had to deal with a customer service call center in India and gotten nowhere (besides blood-boilingly frustrated), this is why.  Your problem isn’t on their script?  They don’t know what to do.  You want that veggie pizza without olives?  But… it comes with olives… and your waiter will have to get the restaurant manager who will also tell you “But it comes with olives.”  You want to buy something on which the price isn’t marked?  You can’t buy it (this actually happened to me).  So don’t fret – India is nowhere near world domination.
  2. MORPs and MORSs exist.  MORP = Man on Road Peeing.  MORS = Man on Road Sh!tting.  I even saw a double MORP. 
  3. You will take much crap from vendors/taxi drivers/cashiers/ticket booth agents if you do not have small or near-exact change.  You don’t have anything smaller than a 500 rupee note?!  Not acceptable!  It’s funny how everyone there wants small change but refuses to give it. 
  4. That guy trying to sneak a picture of you with his cell phone camera?  He probably lives in a shack.
  5. No political protest is complete without roasted corn and a guy selling stuffed unicorns. 
  6. Cipro is a must.  Despite all my research and hand sanitizer, I still managed to come down with a little Delhi Belly.  It didn't stop me from doing anything, though (Note to family:  Stop worrying - I am FINE).  Go go gadget drugs!
 To sum it up, India was a fascinating but difficult experience.  It was a rare feeling for me to be ready to leave a country.  So here I am in Chiang Mai, Thailand!  I needed some chill time after India, and this place is absolutely perfect.

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