July 28, 2011

Well, hello there.

This is my first post, and I have writer's block already.  Great start!  I suppose the most logical way to begin is to explain what I'm doing on here.  Answer:  beats me...  Well, not exactly.  I'm leaving in 2 short weeks for a month-long trip across southeast Asia, and a number of people have said to me, "Hey, are you going to blog or anything while you're away?"  I decided they were on to something, so here it is!  But a blog isn't much to look at if I just post a few times over the course of a single month.  I also travel fairly consistently between my chosen home (Washington, DC) and my hometown in Alabama, and I've traveled a good bit in the past.  So I also plan to delve into the reverse culture shock I've encountered in returning to my home state and recount stories and lessons learned from past travels. 

That is the initial grand plan.  But first things first: get back from Asia in one piece.  Which normally wouldn't concern me, but more than one person has expressed concern that I might end up in jail in a third world country.  Seriously?  I'm not that irresponsible!


  1. Cousin, I will live through you vicariously and look forward to checking your blog as to your haps and mishaps (hoping for zero mishaps but it sounded right). As to a visit to a jail/prison...ah ~ NO! I do not want to hear from your granny (my aunt) that you has been tossed in some back country hell hole. However, if it should happen, your Aunts and I will band together and come to your rescue. Between Janet's southern sweetness, Keloth Anne's fast talking and my Yankee attitude, I can pretty much guarantee that we will leave w/you safely in hand.
    I do have to question your sanity, however, as to the premise of this trip. A MANGO???? 12,000 miles for a MANGO???? All I can say is that when you do find that magical fruit (note that I didn't say "if") that when you bite into it and the juices run down your chin because the smile on your face is so wide and you have a look of ultimate bliss on your face, those 12,000 miles seem like a jaunt between Mobile & Tumbleton.
    Safe travels, Cousin. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and looking forward to reading your blog over the course of your trip(s).
    Hugs to you!!!

  2. Have you seen that t.v. show "Locked Up Abroad?" I definitely want to be one of the interviews that establish your character pre-incarceration. "She seemed like such an innocent girl..." Hope you're having a safe blast. -Alan

  3. @Tammy: thanks, and don't worry - the mango will be worth it!
    @Alan: I have seen it before. Perhaps you should go ahead and contact NatGeo now just to be ready. My Vietnam/Cambodia travel companion keeps talking about how I better not get the both of us on that show. But if I get tossed in the slammer before I even make it that far, then he's on his own to get thrown in jail!

  4. I have now read EVERY SINGLE POST (backwards) and am a fully qualified creepy lady. but YAY for adventures!